ParentMD Welcomes You to The Land of Can!
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MESSAGE FROM JOSH ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STAY HEALTHY/CAN MINDSET... Let's raise healthy children who live in The Land of Can, ETC......

Land of Not

“Land of Not is a smart book! It will inspire, empower, & transform all children to understand their possibilities rather than define themselves by their limitations.”

The Class That Can:
Sleep & Screen Time

Getting enough sleep and having a healthy relationship with our screens are vital for success today!

The Class That Can:
Germs & Sneezing

Students in Mrs. Can’s class are jumping out of their seats — literally! — as they learn the Magic of staying healthy. 

The Class That Can
Food Allergies

Join the excitement as Mrs. Can and a new student teach the class about food allergies, friendships and the importance of having a CAN mindset!

The Class That Can:

As the students in the “Class That Can” are learning from home, their zany teacher, Mrs. Can, introduces them via computer to two pediatricians who answer their questions about coronavirus.


“This charming little book (Class That Can: Germs & Sneezing) is all about what can be done — especially by, for and with children — to protect health in our communities.”

Dr. Kenneth Fox, Chief Health Officer of Chicago Public Schools

“The Class That Can: Coronavirus is a creative and developmentally sensitive resource to help children voice their concerns and discover ways to thrive during these uncertain times.”

Dr. Colleen Kraft, 2018 President of the American Academy of Pediatrics