Give Your Families the Gift of Can!

At CAN Health, we believe that all children deserve to be healthy, safe, and empowered. We are dedicated to collaborating with the nation's top research hospitals, pediatricians, non-profit organizations, and companies to elevate health literacy among families and to empower young people to thrive.

Let us customize gifts & incentives to reach your families today!

Personalized Health Books

Personalize our books to communicate directly with families. Fostering a sense of community is essential, and a personalized message allows you to highlight how your organization aligns with the mission of nurturing children. Include a heartfelt foreword, introduce your team, share your values, or showcase any of your initiatives.

CAN Health App

Our personalized CAN Health App gives your families on-the-go access to our catalog of E-books and empowerment resources, all while giving you the opportunity to customize a personalized message across the platform.

The benefits of CAN


You can personalize the books & online resources with information about your research study, company, or team.


Though written by young voices, our CAN catalog of health books & online resources are vetted by a world-class medical team.

Fast, Simple Process

Your team is busy so let us do the work for you. Our production process is simple. We even offer fulfillment options, if needed.

Promote Literacy

Health literacy is vital. Demonstrate its importance to families by giving gifts and incentives that promote reading & wellness.


Our books & online apps give families convenient ways to receive our resources, while keeping your message in the forefront.


By providing timely resources that focus on health AND empowerment, we deliver a powerful solution to help young people thrive.

Read a sample health book

Stay Healthy


After learning about worry and anxiety, and the tricks they can use to silence their "worry alarms," Mrs. Can's students use their creative talents to write a fun book to help others.

Watch a sample empowerment video

Riya & JJ created fun videos for the CAN Health App to teach children the 14 Words of Can!

Testimonials about our books

"I highly recommend reading The Class That Can: Nutrition to your students, children, or grandchildren, giving a copy to a school teacher or donating one to your local school or library."

Joy Bauer, NBC's TODAY's Show, Nutrition & Health Expert

“The Class That Can: Germs & Sneezing is a charming little book that's all about what can be done — especially by, for and with children — to protect health in our communities.” 

Dr. Kenneth Fox, Chief Health Officer of Chicago Public Schools

"The Class That Can is a creative and developmentally sensitive resource to help children voice their concerns and discover ways to thrive during these uncertain times."

Dr. Colleen Kraft, 2018 President of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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