Eileen Vincent

Eileen Vincent is a master’s prepared registered dietitian who has been involved in nutrition research for over two decades. She launched her research career by working as a NASA research assistant in Clear Lake, TX while also completing her joint dietetic internship/Master’s degree in clinical nutrition at Texas Women’s University in Houston. At Northwestern University, Eileen has served as a research interventionist, coordinating randomized clinical trials spanning from early life (pregnancy) through older adulthood. Major research projects include Women’s Health Initiative, NIH Nutrition Academic Award for Medical Students, Dietary Intervention Study in Children and Maternal-Offspring Metabolics: Family Intervention Trial. More recently, she has been involved in the planning a food allergy prevention study during infancy.

Eileen is also passionate about community-based nutrition programs in the Chicago area for individuals with limited resources. As a meal volunteer, she provides healthy meals to homeless individuals in the western suburbs. She also regularly volunteers at Greater Chicago Food Depository as well as her local community food pantry.