Dr. Kenneth L. Fox, Jr.

Dr. Fox does community pediatrics. He was appointed Chief Health Officer of Chicago Public Schools in December 2016. A Chicago native, Dr. Fox has worked in primary care for over 25 years in Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia – in university and community clinics, hospitals, mission teams, an orphanage, a psychiatric ward and in private practice.

He’s a graduate of the University of Chicago, trained at Boston Children’s Hospital and was an RWJ Clinical Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania. Bridging the disciplines of pediatric primary care and medical anthropology, Dr. Fox has served on medical school faculties—Harvard, Penn, Boston University, Northwestern and the University of Chicago—and held appointments at BU and Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Fox has worked on a range of editorial and non-profit boards and received grants and fellowships from the Ford, Fulbright, Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) and Kellogg Foundations, The Open Society Institute on Medicine as a Profession, and the Institute for Health and Social Justice. He’s currently an RWJ Foundation Clinical Scholar. He’s written and lectured widely on cultural and social justice issues in health and care and collaborated with Partners in Health and Physicians for Human Rights.  His longstanding interests in global health have led him to work in Panama, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and South Africa.