Are you a Champion for your patients? Riya's looking for you!

The first 50 CAN Openers to sign up will receive a deeply discounted rate! (See details below.)

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Are you a champion for your patients?

In The Land of Can, we believe that more is possible when young people define themselves by their strengths instead of their deficits. The Land of Can co-founders Riya and JJ are looking for 50 allergy practices (Inaugural Can Openers!) to stand with them as they launch their health & empowerment initiative nationwide! As a thank you, they are offering a deeply discounted rate!

Explore below to find out what our plan includes!

We are serious about accuracy

Though written by young adults, each book in The Class That Can: Stay Healthy series is
reviewed by a team of doctors that ensures the accuracy of all medical information. The
CAN Medical Review Board is led by Dr. Ruchi Gupta, whose dedication inspires young
people everywhere to live in the Land of Can!

Stay Healthy books

Let's celebrate and teach good health practices by providing your patients and their families with unlimited FREE eBooks from these creative and informative titles. (New titles added regularly.)

CAN books

Children are more successful when they define themselves by who they are and who they can be, instead of by who they are not. Use these creative and powerful FREE eBooks to teach empowerment and the 14 Words of Can!

Personalized CAN Web Page

Use your personalized CAN page to distribute your FREE eBooks, fun videos, author readings, and important resources. You can also provide a personalized message to your families. (A link to a sample allergist's CAN page is at the bottom of this page.)

CAN Word Videos

While visiting your personalized CAN webpage, your patients will learn the 14 Words of Can by watching Riya & JJ's fun, creative and informative videos.

Office Posters w/QR code

Promote your CAN site with posters that direct patients directly to your site. (Included in your CAN Welcome Packet.)

Food Allergy Resources

These food allergy resources will provide your patients with a wealth of information to share with their schools and others.

14 Words of Can

Teach your patients the 14 Words of Can by displaying these fun mini posters throughout your office. (Included in your CAN Welcome Packet.)

"I CAN Be" "I CAN" Wall Posters

Children are more successful when they define themselves by who they are and who they can be, not by who they're not. Reinforce with message by displaying this fun, creative poster set. (Included in your CAN Welcome Packet.)

CAN Bookmarks & Shield Stickers

These bookmarks and stickers make great gifts for your patients to learn the Words of Can and embrace a CAN mindset. (Included in your CAN Welcome Packet.)

Personalized Giant Wall Banner*

Let your patients stake their place in the Land of Can with this optional giant wall banner. Removable I AM I CAN stickers also available. (*Optional)

Your CAN subscription includes

* FREE health, empowerment & safety eBooks for your patients & their families.

* Fun, inspirational videos to teach the 14 Words of Can.

* Interactive author readings.

* Empowerment posters and bookmarks.

* Personalized web CAN page to distribute your eBooks and resources.

* Promotional office posters with unique QR codes linked to your CAN page. Social media content.

* Your practice recognized as an Inaugural CAN Opener.

* Patient discount/practice commission on all physical book purchases.

* Optional add ons include a set of 11 hardcover books and/or giant wall banner.

* Inaugural CAN Opener discounted rate $15/per month.

Interested in becoming an Inaugural Can Opener? Contact us here!

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