OH Letter CAN

Dear Educators & Parents,

On behalf of the Allison Rose Foundation, we’re honored to be ambassadors of health literacy for children, families, and educators across all of Ohio.

The Allison Rose Foundation is dedicated to changing the lives of food allergy families through education, awareness, research and advocacy. We created the organization in memory of our daughter, Allison.

Allison loved helping children and was even studying to be an early childhood teacher at Ohio University when she unfortunately passed away from a severe food allergic reaction. That’s why we are passionate about educating students, faculty and staff on health issues to enhance and save lives. It’s exactly the type of initiative Allison would have championed.

More is possible when young people embrace what they CAN do. Our
children deserve to be healthy, safe and empowered so they can be
the best versions of themselves. As part of the OH CAN campaign, we are supplying schools across our state with free health, safety & empowerment resources for their staff and for their families. We hope you find them as valuable as we do!

When you have the chance, learn more about the Allison Rose Foundation at

Ohio Can!
Michael and Becca Suhy