PA Allergy!
The book that started it all!
Land of Can

Collin shows his new friends that true happiness comes from embracing who they are and who they can be, not who they're not! Also available in Spanish.

Stay Healthy
Food Allergies

When a new student joins the class, students in Mrs. Can's Class That Can learn what it means to have a food allergy!

Stay Healthy

After their classmate has an asthma attack on the playground, Mrs. Can's students learn valuable lessons about asthma from those who have it.

Stay Healthy

After learning about worry and anxiety, and the tricks they can use to silence their "worry alarms," Mrs. Can's students use their creative talents to write a fun book to help others.

Stay Healthy

Mrs. Can's students fill their palletes with colorful paints as they learn the value of healthy eating.

"I highly recommend reading The Class That Can: Nutrition to your students, children, or grandchildren, giving a copy to a schoolteacher or donating one to your local school or library."

Joy Bauer, NBC's TODAY's Show, Nutrition & Health Expert
Stay Healthy
Germs & Sneezing

Students in Mrs. Can’s class are jumping out of their seats as they learn the Magic of staying healthy. Also available in Spanish.

“This charming little book is all about what can be done— especially by, for and with children—to protect health in our communities.” 

Dr. Kenneth Fox, Chief Health Officer of Chicago Public Schools
Stay Healthy
Sleep & Screen Time

When Mrs. Listen bursts through Dazzling Doorway juggling a bunch of odd objects, the students learn important lessons about sleep, screen time, and staying healthy. Also available in Spanish.

Stay Safe
Fire Safety

Fire Chief Mike finds some creative ways to teach Mrs. Can's students the importance of fire safety!

Stay Healthy

As the students are learning from home, Mrs. Can introduces them via computer to two pediatricians who answer their questions about coronavirus. Also available in Spanish & Hindi.

"The Class That Can: Coronavirusis a creative and developmentally sensitive resource to help children voice their concerns and discover ways to thrive during these uncertain times."

Dr. Colleen Kraft, 2018 President of the American Academy of Pediatrics.